Dal Lake

Restoration of Dal Lake, Srinagar

In 2004, only 10.5 sq.kms of Total surface area is remaining of the Dal lake (used to be 75 Sq. Kms in 1880). The lake receives 25-30 Million litres sewage each day, and a vast majority is from Srinagar. Various problems have led to the Ecological Damage and Shrinkage of Dal Lake. The Solution is to use the floating gardens to clean the lake. A buffer zone along the edge of the lake prevents new sewage from entering the lake and extract nutrients for the floating gardens. The thriving gardens then naturally help purify the water of the lake through their root system while producing food which goes back to the city. Combining these floating gardens with an airlift could provide the means to both clean the Dal Lake of pollutants and to slowly and naturally deepen it, with minimum disruption of the local economy.