Morphogenesis Education Engages in Providing Professional Advisory and Consultancy Services - to develop High Value Programs in design, art, architecture, music, project management, urbanism (urban design), sustainability, planning of infrastructure and other related fields to achieve operational and financial viability for Institutions and universities across the country to further develop, utilize and augment their resource in creating the next generation leaders.

Looking 20 years hence, we see India at the center of the globalized world. We see the rise of Urban India as the primary economic generator with 300 million people being urbanized with newer cities being born and existing ones being transformed. This is an immense opportunity, but also, a cause for concern. As our civilization begins to prosper after nearly a thousand years of economic decline, we simultaneously risk 5000 years of cultural continuity, identity and evolution in the face of globalization. We risk becoming a 'people of almost nowhere' as opposed to being a 'people that we are today, of almost somewhere'. In this scenario, we do know that we not only have to change our thinking, but we have to modernize for our art and crafts to survive, we have to rethink our architecture to be globally relevant yet locally adaptive, we have to think about the nature of our cities and how to make them sustainable and livable, we have to radically change our educational system, and, we have to do all of this- now.

In India, there are 105 million people between the ages of 19 to 25 with only 11.7 million enrolled spread across 21000 institutions. India has a gross enrollment ratio of 12.4% against the world average of 26%. To further compound the problem, the quality of a majority of these institutions is mediocre at best due to draconian laws and lack of funding with not even one premier institute that provides comprehensive inter-disciplinary education in art, design, technology, architecture, Urbanism, media, economics, politics, management and sustainability. At the center of this thinking and change is a new pedagogy, emerging from the interactions between a multiplicity of these fields today; As we see it, a shift away from producing singly-skilled graduates to producing lateral thinkers and leaders that will captain this unique opportunity of the Indian renaissance. This is the agenda of morphogenesis education.

To overcome the current tepid pace of traditional higher education education in India, morphogenesis education has partnered with the Chiranjiv Charitable Trust to develop the Sushant group of Institutes as a world-class institution in Gurgaon. The location in the National Capital Region makes for the ideal setting enabling the institutes to engage with the evolving urbanism that modern India has to offer. A key focus area is to develop a blend of Professional education and research, which is a core value of the institution and articulates its identity. The Sushant Group of Institutes are not only offering high value Programs, but are also actively engaged with the industry and the government in providing cutting-edge research and consultancy. In line with this philosophy: Sustainable design thinking permeates all aspects of the education. As the economies of India, East Asia and the Middle East rise, their cities will define their new identities as global powers and the Sushant Group of Institutes positions itself in a leadership role by defining the discourse of that new world. Through various Lecture series, conferences, Publications, exhibitions and symposia with national and international visitors programs and initiatives, the institution responds to the growing need for multi-faceted professionals with grounding in theory and practice and the agility and ability to negotiate with the future needs of a rapidly developing economy and society and the challenges of sustainable development making it the 'destination' institution in India for the world.